Young Magic Premiere “Lucien” Video

Young Magic premiere new video for "Lucien"

Young Magic, the New York-based experimental pop duo of Melati Malay and Isaac Emmanuel, premiered their new video for “Lucien” earlier today. The band’s forthcoming full-length Still Life was inspired by the native culture of Malay’s birthplace of Indonesia, and the “Lucien” video is based on the ghostly Indonesian holiday of Nyepi: Still Life is out May 13 on Carpark Records.

“I started making Lucien in Indonesia in small shack by the water. I spent half a month gathering field recordings, collecting stories and writing music. Looking back, I was questioning what it meant to be a woman in this age – a sister, a daughter, a hybrid, a creator. It was a surreal few weeks. There is a day called Nyepi or ‘Day of Silence’ where no-one leaves the house because it’s believed bad spirits fly over the island. They burn effigies of their monsters (Ogoh Ogoh) and then everyone hides indoors for 24 hours. It’s incredible, the streets are completely empty. I’m not sure if these ghosts still follow me in New York, but making ‘Lucien’ was my way to make an effigy of my own Ogoh Ogoh, and then burn it to the ground.” – Melati Malay

Malay stars in the video alongside dancers from the Saung Budaya Indonesian Dance Group.

Directed by Johann Rashid and Young Magic
Shot and Edited by Johann Rashid
Choreography by Saung Budaya Indonesian Dance Group
Dancers: Amalia Suryani & Andriani Zainuddin
Costume by Narnia Vintage

The beginnings of Young Magic’s new album, Still Life, coincided with singer Melati Malay revisiting her own, in her birthplace of Indonesia. Having lost her father the previous year, she returned to the island of Java to reconnect with her family, dig up stories, and begin work on a new collection of music.

“My father had been somewhat of a mystery to me,” Melati says. “How did a boy from the Midwest end up in the jungles of Borneo during the 60s, trading his watch and a carton of cigarettes for the gravestones of the indigenous headhunters?”

The search led Melati deep into her family history. She rented a small shack by the water for a month, and with just a backpack and microphone, began recording – unraveling a past of superstition, black magic, and ties to the Javanese royal family.

“I’ve always felt torn, like some kind of hybrid existing between two worlds,” Melati says. “Born to a Catholic father and a Muslim mother, growing up bilingual, attending an international school in Jakarta where all my friends were from different countries…in a city of 30 million people where the clash between poverty and affluence is extreme.”

Still Life is a deeply personal and idiosyncratic record, somewhere close to the enchanted electronic pop realms occupied by Björk and Broadcast, yet unique to Young Magic. Found sounds and textures feature prominently across Still Life, including the Javanese gamelan, blossoming into ecstatic bursts during the climax of “Lucien.” Melati grounds the textured sonic world with arrows direct to the heart, like the arresting “How Wonderful” where the singer overflows with regret for “all those things I never said.” This is as deeply personal as the group has ever been.

“In a way, Still Life became a kind of antithesis to a world where people tell you who to pray to, what to buy into, and who your enemies should be. It’s my reaction. Still Life is my way to celebrate music from all corners…my home without borders.”

Upon returning to New York, her home of 10 years, Melati put together a group of musicians and began reimagining these new musical works inspired by her personal metamorphosis. She enlisted NYC-based cellist and composer Kelsey Lu McJunkins, Detroit producer Erin Rioux, Bolivian percussionist Daniel Alejandro Siles Mendoza, and Australian producer/songwriter Isaac Emmanuel, her longtime collaborator.

Young Magic with Yeasayer
5/12 Port City Music Hall – Portland, ME
5/13 Paradise Rock Club -Boston, MA
5/14 Irving Plaza – New York, NY
5/16 9:30 Club -Washington, DC
5/17 Union Transfer – Philadelphia, PA
5/19 The Orange Peel – Asheville, NC
5/21 Exit / In – Nashville, TN
5/22 Majestic Theatre – Detroit, MI
5/23 Lincoln Hall – Chicago, IL
5/24 First Avenue – Minneapolis, MN
5/28 Imperial – Vancouver, BC
5/29 Wonder Ballroom – Portland, OR
5/31 The Fillmore – San Francisco, CA
6/01 The Fonda Theatre – Los Angeles, CA
6/02 The Observatory North Park – San Diego, CA
6/03 The Observatory – Santa Ana, CA