Young Empires Reveal Video For “Mercy”

Young Empires Reveal new interactive Video For "Mercy".

Young Empires have premiered their video for their single, “Mercy.” Directed by Thibaut Duverneix and written by Michael Juretic, the video invites the viewer to experience life through the perspective of two protagonists.

In addition to the video the directors have also created an interactive version in which the viewer can change perspective by leaning slightly left or slightly right in front of your camera. Fate, random chance, an algorithmic spell – it changes with the tilt of your head, which you can watch below.

Says Duverneix, “I wanted to create something with a very passive and contemplative interaction, something that would be effortless and support the story. I knew I wanted to tell a simple story focused on actors that you could experience from two sides with very subtle, intricate details. Michael Juretic worked very hard on writing the script around all of the constraints. I hope you’ll enjoy it. Sit down, relax, have a piece of cake.”

Young Empires are Matthew Vlahovich, Jake Palahnuk and Taylor Hill.

Watch interactive version here