You & Me Quarter-Life Crisis Feat Claud

You & Me by Quarter-Life Crisis Feat Claud is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day
You & Me by Quarter-Life Crisis Feat Claud

Quarter-Life Crisis, Ryan Hemsworth’s new collaborative project, has shared “You & Me” feat. Claud (they/them). Quarter-Life Crisis’ upcoming self-titled debut EP also features collaborations with Frances Quinlan (Hop Along), Hand Habits, Charlie Martin (Hovvdy), and Yohuna.

Of the track, Claud said “Ryan sent me a bunch of really pretty guitar tracks around the time I had just moved to New York… it was a new city, I was alone, and I was definitely deep in my feels. The song sorta turned into a yearning winter love song. When I sent it back to him after I wrote it I asked him not to laugh at me for the corny-ness of the lyrics… sometimes lyrics just need to say it like it is.”

Collaboration is paramount to Hemsworth’s process, and though he produced all of the live instrumentation on the EP, he left the lyrics and intention of the song up to the contributors. The resulting collection shape-shifts from track-to-track, taking on new personalities as it moves between artists.

Hemsworth is trying his hand at something unexpected that is nonetheless close to his heart and origin story as a musician. Quarter-Life Crisis is a collaboration with various artists who’ve come to prominence over the past couple of years, many of whom got their start playing scrappy DIY shows. “This project has me in the process of going back to when I was a kid when I’d sit down and play guitar for hours and come up with melodies and chords by just messing around,” Hemsworth says. “It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for ages. Quarter-Life Crisis is just another way for me to work with artists whose music I really enjoy and listen to all the time.”

Quarter-Life Crisis’ self-titled debut EP is available for pre-order now with black and limited edition red vinyl out on December 4th via Saddle Creek.