Yacht’s Jeffrey Jerusalem Remixes BRAINSTORM’S “Maybe A Memory”; New Album Heat Waves Out Now On Tender Loving Empire

BRAINSTORM’s (all caps all the time) new album Heat Waves is out now on Tender Loving Empire. The record caught the attention of Yacht’s Jeffrey Jerusalem who recently remixed “Maybe A Memory.”

Produced by Robby Moncrieff (engineer of the Dirty Projectors’ Bitte Orca, Youth Lagoon’s 7″, and Ganglians’ Still Living), Heat Waves shines with inescapable pop melodies, polyrhythmic singing, thunderous drumming, and shimmering guitar lines. With influences ranging from ecstatic African-highlife, to soulful AM-radio nostalgia, the result is a unique brand of art-pop that is energetic, eclectic, and undeniably engaging. There is something for everyone in this music, and something of everyone in it as well. BRAINSTORM was once described as “an eight-dollar smoothie of ecstatic art-rock, Sam Cooke, and African highlife.”

BRAINSTORM formed as a duo in the summer of 2008, when Adam Baz and Patrick Phillips met while playing with Ohioan & the Native Kin. Upon exchanging a series of mix tapes containing an array of their favorite music, the musical chemistry between the two became obvious, and the band was born. They have been sculpting and refining their sound as a duo for four years, and just recently added Tamara Barnes to the band, playing bass and singing.