Xiu Xiu shares “Get Up” video

Xiu Xiu release "Get Up" video
Photo by Jherek Bischoff)

Xiu Xiu has shared a new for “Get Up”, the third single from the trio’s forthcoming full-length album FORGET, set for release on February 24 through Polyvinyl. “Get Up” shows Xiu Xiu bandleader Jamie Stewart reflecting on the patience his bandmates Angela Seo and Shayna Dunkelman show him in his moments of crisis.

“[They are] my best friends,” he said. “They are deeply patient, kind, and encouraging while never allowing my peculiarities, temper, or bossiness to trample over their day. When I behave badly or pathetically they roll their eyes, flick holy water from their fingers and eternally say, ‘Well, get up, or don’t.’”

Producer John Congleton (Sleater-Kinney, Sigur Ros) remarked of the song, “While mixing this song I always had to hold back the tears everytime we got to the section where Jamie says two times, ‘You’re the only reason I was born.’ Jamie always has a way of saying something so succinct in a way that is soul crushing.”

The video itself was directed by longtime Xiu Xiu collaborator Marty Marquez who described the video shoot:
“”‘Get Up’ was pulled together by my somehow convincing a bunch of people to bring their expertise, their thousands of dollars worth of equipment and blindly (stupidly?) trusting me with it. Shot outside of LA in a not-to-be-named industrial area, what you see is the product of a guerilla production at its finest; no permits, no permission, leaping fires, basically everything you’re NOT supposed to do when trying to fly under the radar. But, nobody, not even passing cops, gave us a second glance, even though a crew of 10 was following our beautiful actress around with a ridiculous amount of equipment on private property. Amazingly there were no injuries, no street hassles and we got what we needed.”

Xiu Xiu will be touring North America this spring, including two performances at Big Ears Festival in Knoxville. In addition to a set of their own music, Xiu Xiu will be performing a special set where they will play the music of Twin Peaks (which was released last year on Polyvinyl). The tour kicks off in the band’s hometown of Los Angeles for a record release celebration March 16th.

Xiu Xiu Tour Dates:
Mar. 16th – Los Angeles, CA – Union
Mar. 17th – Escondido, CA – A Ship in The Woods
Mar. 19th – San Francisco, CA – The Chapel
Mar. 21st – Seattle, WA – Kremwork
Mar. 22nd – Portland, OR – Holocene
Mar 23rd – 26th – Knoxville, TN – Big Ears Festival
Mar. 30th – Detroit, MI – El Club
Mar. 31st – Chicago, IL – The Empty Bottle
Apr. 1st – Jacksonville, FL – The Sleeping Giant Film Festival
Apr. 6th – Brooklyn, NY – Villain
Apr. 7th – Philadelphia, PA – Boot & Saddle
Apr. 8th – Harrisburg, PA – Cathedral Room at Der Maennerchor
Apr. 9th – Baltimore, MD – The Wind-Up Space
Apr. 11th – Jersey City, NJ – Monty Hall
Apr.12th – New Haven, CT – Bar
Apr. 13th – Providence, RI – Colombus Theatre
Apr. 14th – Portsmouth, NH – 3SArtspace
Apr. 15th – Boston, MA – The Hardcore Stadium (Cambridge Elks Lodge)