The Wytches go acoustic at SXSW

The Wytches go acoustic at SXSW. Their latest release "Digsaw" is now available on HateHateHate records. The Wytches play live April 4th in London, Eng


The Wytches’ furious, hair-flinging psych-rock isn’t the stuff of back-porch acoustic sessions: Both live and on the English band’s singles, the energy is so intense, it can barely be contained,”, yet somehow these acoustic versions work: They are raw, haunting, and melancholic, highlighting the lyrical depth of the songs and vocals of frontman Kristian Bell.

Dark and driven, The Wytches consist of vocalist/guitarist Kristian Bell, bassist Dan Rumsey, and drummer Gianni Honey.  Their unique sound full of echo and heavy riffs is a narcotic haze with influences ranging from Leonard Cohen to Black Sabbath.

Formed in November 2011 after moving down from Peterborough, this Brighton, UK based three piece is comprised of guitar / organ / lead vocalist Kristian; semi-professional poker playing / severe ADHD suffering drummer Gianni, and bassist Dan, who is currently writing a science fiction novel by the name of The Curious Adventures of Charlie Revel.  The group gained a following in the UK from their debut single and self produced video “Digsaw.”

The Wytches have toured incessantly since their forming, which saw them supporting a rich variety of acts including Death Grips, The Black Angels, Band Of Skulls, Chelsea Wolfe, Bosnian Rainbows, Japandroids, Temples, Metz, Future Of The Left, The Cribs, Yuck and Drenge. They released their second single, the AA-side “Beehive Queen”/”Crying Clown,” via Hate Hate Hate Records on June 3rd 2013. On November 18th, the band released a second AA side single, “Robe For Juda” / “Wide At Midnight” also on HateHateHate records.

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