“Woman No” By Katie Tupper

Katie Tupper has shared “Woman No” a track off her forthcoming album Where To Find Me. The EP was Produced by Connor Seidel (Grae, Matt Holubowski) and drops this spring via Arts % Crafts. “I wrote this song to my younger self,” explains Tupper. “I’m hoping it will defy time and space and tap into the brain of my teenage self. I want to give her advice to act on everything I was feeling rather than doing what looked right or seemed to be the correct choices.”

The official video for “Woman No”, directed by Ryley Konechny, finds Tupper singing the sultry ballad in a Saskatoon roadhouse bar surrounded by unenthusiastic bikers. A diamond in the rough, Tupper’s shimmering, emotional performance in the middle of the room is largely ignored by the patrons even as the weight of the song brings her to tears. “Woman No” can be heard in the latest episode of Netflix’s “Workin’ Moms” debuting today.

Pre-order Where To Find Me by Katie Tupper HERE


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