Wolfie’s Just Fine Announces Debut Album ‘I Remembered but Then I Forgot’ out April 8


Singer-songwriter Jon Lajoie is thrilled to introduce his latest project Wolfie’s Just Fine and the release of his debut album I Remembered but Then I Forgot via Normal Guy Records on April 8, 2016. Today, he premiered the first track and accompanying video for “It’s a Job,” which embraces nostalgia, youthful curiosity, and fantastical imagination. The video premiered today on Jon Lajoie’s YouTube page, PRESS HERE to watch. The album is now available for pre-order and when you purchase the pre-order now, you will receive two FREE Tracks that include “It’s a Job” and “A New Beginning,” PRESS HERE for more information.

“I love writing music. There’s never been that big of a difference for me between comedy and ‘serious’ music—it’s always just been writing music,” Lajoie explains. “But I’d spent so long using music to satirize pop culture or comment on the absurdities of every day life, that I couldn’t really remember who I was when I wasn’t making fun of shit. When I finally asked myself that question, all these songs just sort of poured out of me.”

Without the punchlines, but with the same sort of punchy lyrics and catchy hooks that Lajoie’s fans have to come expect, Wolfie’s Just Fine introduces a new-yet-familiar side of the Montreal-born artist. In I Remembered But Then I Forgot, the debut album from Wolfie’s Just Fine, Lajoie’s raw vocal ability and his penchant for weaving together harmony-heavy melodies with nostalgic sensibilities positions him in a unique world between alternative and indie folk.

I Remembered but Then I Forgot features ten original songs whose inspirations range from the perils of young love to the strange ways in which B-movies and summer blockbusters can leave an imprint on our lives. The album is a collage of memories—many inspired by Lajoie’s experiences growing up with eight brothers and sisters—exploring not only the fickle nature of recollection, but also how our memories evolve over time.

“Right now,” say Lajoie, “I’m only focused on writing about personal experiences. It’s the only thing I feel like I have any authority to talk about.”

Lajoie is a Canadian comedian, actor, and musician best known for his role as Taco in the FXX series The League, as well as his YouTube persona “Everyday Normal Guy.” Wolfie’s Just Fine is the first endeavor to showcase his music independent of the comedy.

Watch this space for the latest from Wolfie’s Just Fine and for more info, please visit www.wolfiesjustfine.com.

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I Remembered but Then I Forgot Track Listing:

1. It’s a Job

2. I Forgot

3. Pigeon Lady

4. Todd and Janelle

5. A New Beginning

6. No Reason At All

7. Everything Is Happening Right Now

8. Better You

9. Marie-Eve

10. Running From My Savior