“Witness” Rosie Darling

Rosie Darling recently released her debut EP for Nettwerk Records entitled Coping. The album is described as a time capsule, capturing the messier side of love and friendship, from heartbreak and loneliness to joyous revelry. It’s an intimate window into Rosie’s life, encased in a vulnerable kind of indie-pop. Coping was co-written with Justin Gammella, and produced by Andy Seltzer.

From Rosie Darling”

“A lot of people have been asking me how long I’ve been working on this EP. The easy answer is a few years, but it feels like it’s been my whole life! Everything I’ve written or been a part of musically has led to this moment, and I truly feel like these songs represent me not only as an artist but as a person. These songs represent my experience with relationships, friendships, and all of the emotional highs & lows that come with them. I hope that anyone who listens to these songs can relate and find their narrative within them. Although my stories are important, I want to create space for listeners to reflect on their experiences and feel like they have somewhere to turn to as they navigate the highs & lows of their relationships!”

After moving to Los Angeles from the East Coast, Rosie took on the daunting task of networking in a city that is notoriously spread out and filled to the brim with other artists on the rise. After only two years in LA, Rosie has built a strong network of producers and songwriters, crediting her success to her focus and determination, along with a bit of risk-taking. But fully pursuing a passion can come with a price, and Rosie has poured all the loss and love of the past couple of years into her forthcoming debut release.