William Ryan Fritch Shares New Video

William Ryan Fritch Shares New Video for "Still" (feat. Esmé Patterson).

Lost Tribe Sound has shared William Ryan Fritch’s video for “Still” (feat. Esmé Patterson) from his new album Revisionist. Gregory Euclide, who did artwork on Bon Iver’s  sophomore record, directed “Still,” bringing his visual style to life. The video for “Still” is available below.

Fritch is a composer, He has little in common with most contemporary composers. Most ambient, minimalist, and modern classical music leaves him wanting, and he’s clueless when it comes to electro-acoustic shtick, though he is often grouped into that category. Until a few years ago, he couldn’t read a lick of music. He still has nightmares about having to sight-read a piece of music in front of an audience, pants or no pants.

As such, if you sat Fritch in a room with just a pen and music staff paper, he may not be able to create anything worth a damn, but if you gave him a room of trash and a tape recorder, he could make it all sing together. Much of his style and sound stems from avoiding having to learn how to notate for and integrate others into his music, either because he was too broke or too dense to do so.

Following his work with Sole and the Skyrider Band, as well as his recent collaboration with Volcano Choir drummer Jon Mueller under the name of Death Blues, Fritch called on the likes of Benoit Pioulard, D.M. Stith, Origamibiro and Esme Patterson to help realize his latest album, Revisionist.


1.In Denial
3.Winds (feat. Benoit Pioulard)
5.Unholy Frames (feat. Origamibiro)
7.Infant Sight
8.Gloaming Light (feat. D.M. Stith)
9.Thankless Deeds
10.Still (feat. Esmé Patterson)

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