William Alexander Covers the Troggs

William Alexander Covers the Troggs on new EP 'Come Find Me'

Residing on the Southern California coast, young songwriter William Alexander infuses sound and culture and turns them into compact pop gems. For years he has been developing an extensive song catalogue as sun-streaked and sugary as his SoCal peers but with a relaxed modernity that is distinctly his own. Now with the help of east-coast indie upstart Yellow K Records, Alexander will finally share his recordings. His debut album, Strangest Things, will be released this November.



To kick things off, Yellow K has issued an introductory collection of covers and singles titled the Come Find Me EP. The first release is a cover of The Troggs’ “With a Girl Like You”. “It was another cold, lonely night. I had just finished watching the Katy Perry movie ‘Part Of Me’ and was inspired to pen a love song. I tried to come up with something original but just kept playing the chords to The Troggs ‘With A Girl Like You’ and said to myself, why mess with perfection. So I laid down the track that night and here it is. Call me Katy.”

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