“Where The Trees Are On Fire” These New Puritans

These New Puritans have shared a video ‘Where The Trees Are On Fire’, the track from their forthcoming album Inside The Rose, which is set for release on March 22nd via BMG/Infectious. The video was directed by band member George Barnett and Max Luz. ‘Where The Trees Are On Fire’ follows current single ‘Anti–Gravity’, as well as the album’s title track and ‘Into The Fire’, which debuted late last year.

It’s an enigmatic portrait of Jack Barnett by his brother. Halfway through, the viewer transcends the stark painterly reality and is thrown into a world of ecstatic, saturated color.

“This is our most direct, melodic music yet” says George. “I like music that goes straight to your nervous system, not abstract, wanky, gap-year stuff.”

Jack dreamt the melody and lyrics. “Clichéd as it may seem, that’s how it came to me. I went through a period of dreaming loads of music. Most of it was crap – bad ‘80s synth pop or pub rock – but this was the best of them. Because I dreamt most of the lyrics, I don’t know exactly what it’s about, but I think it’s got something to do with the extremes of life, whether that’s oblivion or ecstasy.”

“Making music, you always want to make something that is without irony, something that deals with extremes of your experience in life; in a way that’s risky, because you expose yourself more. But that’s the art I like; art that gets to the heart of things.”

These New Puritans
Inside the Rose
Track List:

1. Infinity Vibraphones
2. Anti–Gravity
3. Beyond Black Suns
4. Inside The Rose
5. Where The Trees Are On Fire
6. Into The Fire
7. Lost Angel
8. A–R–P
9. Six


Friday 22nd March – London, England (Rough Trade East In-Store
Tuesday 2nd April – Bi Nuu, Berlin *
Wednesday 3rd April – Knust, Hamburg *
Thursday 4th April – Rotande, Brussels *
Friday 5th April – Paradiso, Amsterdam *
Saturday 6th April – Petit Bain, Paris *
Wednesday 10th April – YES, Manchester ^
Thursday 11th April – SW3 Warehouse, Glasgow
Friday 12th April – Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds ^
Saturday 13th April – Trades Club, Hebden Bridge ^
Wednesday 17th April – The Dome, Tufnell Park, London ^
Thursday 18th April – Patterns, Brighton ^
Friday 19th April – Thekla, Bristol

* with support from Scintii
^ with support from Vessel


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