“Whatever” (Infinity Ink Dub) – Róisín Murphy

Northern Transmissions 'Song of the Day' is "Whatever" (Infinity Ink Dub) by Róisín Murphy, new album 'Take Her Out To Monto' available now via Play It Again Sam
Photo by Nicole Nodland

Following her recent North American tour and prior release of her album Take Her Up To Monto, electro-pop trailblazer Róisín Murphy is pleased to share a brand new remixes of her track “Whatever”, by Infinity Ink.

For all her years of boundless creating, Róisín Murphy has proven with Take Her Up To Monto that her music can defy any boundary. Five intensive weeks working alongside long term musical collaborator Eddie Stevens resulted in enough material for two albums – Hairless Toys served to ease her audience into this new phase of Murphy’s career, before hitting them full force with Take Her Up To Monto.

Take Her Up To Monto also cements the new role Murphy has taken on as an artist: she became a film-maker. Hairless Toys lead single “Exploitation” was her directorial debut, and from there, she has gone through “a hell of a steep learning curve” making films for each single that follows.

“Each video was a study-fest,” she says, “each one was about me watching the greats, copying how they set each shot up, it was truly like going to film school. Looking back at Hairless Toys I see all sorts retrospectively, but it feels like the aesthetic was frozen time of no-time – was it in the eighties? Nineties? Seventies? Some lost place in the memory of my generation?”

For Take Her… the visual language has changed. “Less reference, a more aggressively modern aesthetic,’ asserts Murphy “ It’s about the London that I live in, it’s a lot about architecture, it’s about building and the future coming, its about here! It’s a bit fizzier and more present tense, irreverent, with guerilla filming, montage and crazy shit. I hope it’s a realism that makes you feel good about being alive.”


Take Her Up To Monto Tracklisting:

1. Mastermind

2. Pretty Gardens

3. Thoughts Wasted

4.Lip Service

5. Ten Miles High

6. Whatever

7. Romantic Comedy

8. Nervous Sleep

9. Sitting and Counting