“What My Name Was” By Arthur Moon

Brooklyn-based avant-pop artist Arthur Moon will release their new album Chaos! Chaos! Chaos! Side B via the newly launched Switch Hit Records, on June 1st. Ahead of the release, Arthur Moon is sharing “What My Name Was,” the final pre-release single from their forthcoming album. The track follows singles “Ghost Ranch” and “7 O’Clock Clap.” Arthur Moon will be playing a Brooklyn record release show on May 31 at Public Records. Moon, is the moniker of Lora-Faye Åshuvud, who lives and works in Brooklyn, where they were raised.

“What My Name Was” Arthur Moon’s Lora-Faye Åshuvud says:

“There’s something uncanny about the way creativity can feel like such a similar process to being in love. We build these beautiful worlds that often live mostly in our heads just as we invent and project imaginary characters onto the people we love. What I realized while I was writing this song was that this was also true for my own self—I could create myself, I could change, I could desire a new person into being.”

The forthcoming Arthur Moon album is the second half of a backwards A side/B side collection, which Åshuvud says they’re “cheekily calling the B side, but this second side actually has all the songs we think of as ‘hits.’”
On the album Lora-Faye Åshuvud says:

This is a much weirder record than the self-titled Arthur Moon debut, in that the idea I had was to make an album that was “coherently incoherent”–like a mix CD your friend made for you in high school, like scrolling through the perfect Tiktok algorithm, like the experience of gender I was having at the time.

I wanted to evoke all of this chaos, mixed genre, entropy, but within it, a real sense of direction and stillness. So the record moves from a frantic experimental electro-pop tune about Georgia O’Keefe, to a slow-and-low heater about changing your name, to a drum & bass-inspired tune about god and sex, to a fully live string orchestrated ballad about falling in love with a straight girl. At one point there’s even a tune where we hear radio static shifting us to 30 seconds of a Spin Doctors-inspired 90s alt rock tune about addiction that I recorded ten years ago and never released.
In addition to producing their own music, Åshuvud also produces and remixes for other artists (9m88, Kaki King, Oh Land). They collaborate on the Arthur Moon project with Cale Hawkins (Quincy Jones, Raveena), Martin D. Fowler (a composer for This American Life), Dave Palazola (Sinkane) and Aviva Jaye (Dessa, Emily King).

Arthur Moon
Chaos! Chaos! Chaos! Side B

1. Ghost Ranch
2. What My Name Was
3. 7 O’Clock Clap
4. Favors and Flattery
5. Get Back
6. Say Less
7. It Calls
8. Trouble
9. The Hollow

Pre-order Chaos! Chaos! Chaos! Side B by Arthur Moon HERE


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