Mexican Summer To Release Mike Wexler’s Dispossession

Mexican Summer To Release Mike Wexler’s Dispossession On March 6th

Listen To “Pariah” Here

Dispossession is the second LP from Mike Wexler, and his debut for Mexican Summer. An artist who defies easy categorization, Wexler brings all of his far-flung interests to bear in carving out space for a singular vision uniquely attuned to the present moment. The album features players from the worlds of underground rock (ex members of White Magic and The Occasion), free improvisation (Ryan Sawyer, Nate Wooley, Jessica Pavone), synth and string textures inspired by the likes of Eliane Radigue and the Spectralists, a vocal and lyrical presence of unsettling, near-subliminal depth, and the omnipresent backbone of finger-style guitar, without a trace of “Americana” to be heard. It’s a record that fits the broken mold of auteur songwriters who nod to forward looking writers and artists in their work, a loose
lineage that could include the likes of Robert Wyatt or Richard Youngs.

Tracklist for Dispossession:

1. Pariah
2. Spectrum
3. Lens
4. The Trace
5. Prime
6. Glyph
7. Liminal

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