WEVAL streams “You’re Mine” ahead release

WEVAL streams "You're Mine" ahead of self-titled release, out May 27 via Kompakt Records.

“‘You’re Mine’ started with just a beat that Harm made by himself. Later in the studio Merijn came up with the chords and bass, and we finished it in one take. It was this super intense summer day, we worked till deep in the night to stay in the same vibe. In the end we’ve made hundreds of mix-downs of this track but we couldn’t finish it. After letting the track rest a little bit we went back to one of the first mixes, ran it pretty loud through tape and there it was. For us this is exactly the track we wanted to have on the album, energetic, melancholic, a little psychedelic and a rough bass. Can’t wait to play this live!” – WEVAL

WEVAL is the duo of Harm Coolen and Merijn Schotte, based in Amsterdam and signed to Kompakt. On June 10, WEVAL will release their debut, self-titled full-length record, a 13-track exploration of slow-burning, emotional, pensive and dark electronic music.

With 3 weeks left until their album hits the streets, WEVAL share their third single, “You’re Mine”, a smooth, sun-soaked Summer groove primed for decompression. Slowing the tempo down to a saunter, “You’re Mine” unfurls into an expansive synth-scape, marked by chopped up vocal effects, warm low end & moody melody.

“working on the album all by ourselves in this bloody hot attic was all we had on our mind”, and the end result is a cohesive statement and strong debut from the duo.

Track Listing

1. Intro
2. The Battle
3. I Don’t Need It
4. Square People
5. Madness
6. Ways To Go
7. You’re Mine
8. Days
9. Just In Case
10. You Made It (Part 1)
11. You Made It (Part 2)
12. Years To Build