Westerman “Your Hero Is Not Dead (Unaccompanied)”

Westerman shares "Your Hero Is Not Dead (Unaccompanied)." The track is off his LP Your Hero Is Not Dead, out via Partisan/play It Again Sam
Westerman shares "Your Hero Is Not Dead (Unaccompanied)"

Westerman shares “Your Hero Is Not Dead (Unaccompanied).” The new version of the title track from Westerman’s debut Your Hero Is Not Dead, released earlier this year via Partisan in North America and Play It Again Sam in North America. The LP includes previously released singles, “The Line”, the original “Your Hero Is Not Dead,” “Waiting on Design,” “Think I’ll Stay” and “Blue Comanche” and is the follow-up to his critically-acclaimed Ark EP.

From Westerman:

“I started teaching myself to play the piano at the start of the first lockdown in the UK. It was helpful to have something new to try and occupy the mind in a period when too much free thinking time was proving damaging. This song closed my album and was meant as a personal call to arms for times of difficulty. It was written as a reminder to look for resilience and the admirable characteristics we pin on others in ourselves. My piano playing is, as you can hear, very basic and full of imperfection, but the point was to create, to meet that challenge in what way I could. It’s important to remember that we can endure and that we learn through periods such as the one we continue to live through. I am happy to share it and would like to thank Fabian Prynn especially for his patience in sitting with me through many botched takes. With love from Will.”

Westerman’s debut album Your Hero Is Not Dead, including tracklisting and cover art by renowned New York via Portugal Graphic Designer Bráulio Amado.

Your Hero Is Not Dead
Partisan Records

1. Drawbridge
2. The Line
3. Big Nothing Glow
4. Waiting on Design
5. Think I’ll Stay
6. Dream Appropriate
7. Easy Money
8. Blue Comanche
9. Confirmation
10. Paper Dogs
11. Float Over
12. Your Hero Is Not Dead

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