Weekend Announces Special Show at Cameo Gallery as new Brooklyn Residents

Oakland-based doom rockers Weekend have decided to become…. no longer Oakland based.  The trio will be abandoning their hipster wasteland satellite metropolis for the mothership. That’s right, Weekend are moving to Brooklyn!!

Washing up on a wave of reverb and distortion, Weekend will take a break from craigslist furniture searchings to make their East Coast Society debut at Cameo Gallery on Tuesday, September 25th. Also taking the stage will be Woodsman and Eraas.

Before departing the foggy cradle of their musical youth, Weekend completed work on new album with Monte Vallier, who produced their Sports LP and Red EP. Details will be forthcoming. Or maybe they won’t. These fashionable specters so cherish mystique they they might not even release the album, instead planting a sole copy at a dusty Goodwill in Lynbrook for the world to find….or not. Best to catch a preview of the new tracks at The Uptown or Cameo Gallery. And don’t let them see this email. Hate it, they will.

The Uptown, Oakland, CA Sept 15th

Cameo Gallery, Brooklyn, NY Sept 25th