“On Your Way” by Pillow Person

Pillow Person, the solo project of Sarah Jones from Hot Chip, has shared a video for her new single, “On Your Way”. The video veers between bubblegum-pop-pretty and gruesome and was filmed by Isaac Eastgate with art direction by Rottingdean Bazaar.

Sarah said the following about the video:

“After making the video, I realised that I must have been inspired from a memory from many years ago when I saw Mortiis live and the lights were too bright.”

“On Your Way” is the jaunty follow-up to Pillow Person’s debut single “Go Ahead”. The track was written, recorded and produced by Jones and is released through Moshi Moshi Records with a release date of January 27. “On Your Way” gives us another glimpse into the mind of a unique emerging British artist who, after playing in other bands including Hot Chip, is now ready to come into her own.

Sarah said the following about the track:

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