“Waves” Sofia Bolt

Sofia Bolt, AKA: guitarist/vocalist Amélie Rousseaux, has announced her debut full-length Waves, will be released on June 28th via Loantaka Records. Rousseaux began releasing music as Sofia Bolt in her native France. In 2017, following a breakup, she relocated to Los Angeles and began recording music with a wide-ranging cast of collaborators, including the legendary songwriter/composer/arranger Van Dyke Parks, La Luz drummer Marian Li-Pino, and Angel Olsen bassist Emily Elhaj. Ahead of the album’s release, Bolt has shared a video for album’s title-track

Sofia Bolt
Loantaka Records

1. London 2009
2. Interlude 1
3. Get Out Of My Head
4. Closing Time
5. Waves
6. Ojai
7. Interlude II
8. Losing Control
9. Waves (Van Dyke Parks edit)

Recorded live in a whirlwind five days by a cast of LA all-stars, Waves is at once casual and tightly constructed, with Rousseaux’s pop melodies leaping and diving over a bed of guitars and roomy drums. The dream team consisted of Van Dyke Parks, Emily Elhaj (Angel Olsen), Marian Li-Pino (La Luz), Bryant Fox (Miya Folick), and Itai Shapira (Rhye). From the opening sounds of “London 2009,” with snippets of conversation coming and going over a lazy drum beat, we are dropped into a world of friendship and music that heals.


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