Water From Your Eyes Announce New Album Everyone’s Crushed

Water From Your Eyes Announce New Album Everyone's Crushed
Water From Your Eyes Announce New Album Everyone's Crushed

Water From Your Eyes have announced their new album Everyone’s Crushed, will drop on May 26th via Matador Records. The album is the follow-up to the duo’s 2021 album Structure. Rachel Brown and Nate Amos describe Everyone’s Crushed as Water From Your Eyes’ most collaborative record ever. Today they have given fans a taste of of the forthcoming release, with a video for album track Barley.”

“Barley is a rhythmic sound collage experiment drawing from modern classical, classic rock, and dance music,” say the band. “The lyrics suggest repeated futile attempts at attaining the unattainable and allude to Sting and Sonic Youth. The video mirrors these concepts in scope, texture, and variety – juxtaposing feelings of entrapment and late stage capitalism against the sense of freedom inherent to the vast American landscape. Despite all this heady bullshit the song is, at its core, fun.” “Barley” is a dance-rock track sequenced in alien tonality, with Brown speaking garbled transmissions (“One two three/Counter/You’re a cool thing count mountains”) over a bed of hallucinatory guitars. “14” leans into contemporary classical, with curtains of overlapping de-tuned strings underscoring lyrics that Nate describes as something out of a “gross-out horror movie”: “I’m ready to throw you up.”

Water From Your Eyes still possess an off kilter, shitposty quality. ‘Everyone’s Crushed’ manages to reference classic rock twice – first, on “Barley,” when Brown accidentally invokes Sting with the lyric “walk in fields of gold,” and again on “True Life”, when they sing: “Neil let me sing your song/It’s been this way for so long/Give me another chance.” Those weren’t the song’s original lyrics – Brown and Amos initially wanted to interpolate the bridge to “Cinnamon Girl” – but this is a typically meta compromise for the pair, a way to turn “True Life” into a song about writing the song “True Life”.

‘Everyone’s Crushed’ maps the liminal space between humor and darkness, between cracking up and freaking out. In the album’s closing moments Brown speaks in direct terms, “Clap those hands/Buy my product/There are no happy endings/I’m spending/I’m spending.” It’s playful and totally serious, punky bordering on anarchic, and a resolution to the record’s opening sentiment – “I just wanted to pray for the rain/Wishful thinking for sunny days.”

Water From Your Eyes
Everyone’s Crushed
Matador Records

1. Structure
2. Barley
3. Out There
4. Open
5. Everyone’s Crushed
6. True Life
7. Remember Not My Name
8. 14
9. Buy My Product


16/3 Brooklyn, NY Residency Night #1 at Secret Location w Sweet Baby Jesus & Kolb
24/3 Brooklyn, NY Residency Night #2 at P.I.T. w Fantasy of a Broken Heart
31/3 Brooklyn, NY – Residency Night #3 at Melody Lanes Bowling Night
7/4 Iowa City, IA at Mission Creek Festival
8/4 Omaha, NE at Slowdown *
10/4 Fort Collins, CO at Aggie Theatre *
11/4 Boulder, CO at Fox Theatre *
12/4 Salt Lake City, UT at Soundwell *
13/4 Las Vegas, NV at AREA15 *
14/4 Bakersfield, CA at Temblor Brew #
15/4 Oakland, CA at Eli’s #
16/4 San Luis Obispo, CA at Fremont Theater *
18/4 Reno, NV at Cargo Concert Hall *
19/4 Roseville, CA at Goldfield Trading Post +
20/4 Santa Cruz, CA at Rio Theatre +
21/4 Los Angeles, CA at Zebulon #
22/4 Phoenix, AZ at Trunk Space #
23/4 Flagstaff, AZ at Yucca North *
24/4 El Paso, TX at Lowbrow Palace *
25/4 Albuquerque, NM at Sister *
27/4 Oklahoma City, OK at Jones Assembly *
28/4 Fayetteville, AR at George’s Majestic Lounge *
29/4 Memphis, TN at Black Lodge *
1/5 Indianapolis, IN at The Vogue *
2/5 Cincinnati, OH at Woodward Theater *
4/5 Morgantown, WV at 123 Pleasant Street *
5/5 Richmond, VA at Friday Cheers *
6/5 Winston-Salem, NC at The Ramkat *
7/5 Atlanta, GA at Shaky Knees
24/6 Calgary, AB at Sled Island

* w/ Snail Mail & Dazy
# w/ Dazy

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