New Seapony Video for “Be Alone,”

The first video from Seapony’s sophomore LP Falling. This clip for “Be Alone” was filmed on Super 8 in sunny Los Angeles by director Michael JS Murphy. Call it an early Christmas gift for fans of the band’s dreamy ditties.

About the record:

In just over a year, Seapony have gone from buzzed-about Midwest transplants to reliable dream pop purveyors, with fans from the shores of the Pacific Northwest to the neon- dappled wards of Japan. The September release date for their sophomore LP Falling heralds, appropriately, the onset of fall. It’s an album primed for autumnal enjoyment, handily conjuring the placid atmosphere of a Northwest summer’s twilight days. Formed in 2010, Seapony is bassist Ian Brewer and core songwriting duo—and longtime couple—Jen Weidl (guitars, vocals, lyrics) and Danny Rowland (guitar, lyrics), who met in Ohio in the early 2000s. Their coastal relocation has served them well; their debut LP Go With Me was rife with humbly infectious shoreside ebullience.