Watch Babes’ Father’s Day Tribute, “Dad”

Watch Babes' Father's Day Tribute, "Dad" - The "Babes" EP is Out Now

Babes have daddy issues. Their apology to the old man comes in the form of a touching music video. Dad stars DILF and Babes’ member Jeff Baird dealing with the complexities of growing up.

The hormonally charged pop music of Babes is simply an extension of the hormonally charged people who make it – keyboardist Sarah Rayne, birth brothers Aaron and Zach Leigh, and figurative blood brothers Bryan Harris and Jeffrey Baird. Their music encompasses the past five decades of pop music – from Brill Building to the grimiest Los Angeles punk basements.

Babes’ EP is out now

1. Isn’t It Love


3. You & Me

4. Hey My Man

Babes have tour dates coming up, including two with Spoon in Las Vegas! The world at large is encouraged to call the Babes hotline: 1 (470) BABES-77.

06/19/14 Santa Barbara, CA: Soho Restaurant and Music Club w/ SomeKindaWonderful
06/26/14 Las Vegas, NV: Brooklyn Bowl w/ Spoon
06/27/14 Las Vegas, NV: Brooklyn Bowl w/Spoon
06/28/14 Los Angeles, CA: Viper Room w/ The Donkeys
07/01/14 Fullerton, CA: Slidebar w/ Walla, Rusty Maples
07/23/14 Las Vegas, NV: Downtown Container Park w/ Gardens & Villa

Call the Babes Hotline (470) BABES-77

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