Warp Records reveals Lisbon Electronic Music

Warp Records announces Lisbon Electronic Music EP Compilation Series
Lisbon is having a moment. The youth of the city’s neglected outer districts are speaking out and doing so through brash, innovative dance music and all-night neighborhood parties and monthly raves in the heart of downtown Lisbon.

Taking polyrhythmic inspiration from the African diaspora and welding it intuitively to mutant contemporary club music, artists like DJ Marfox and Dj Nigga Fox (‘Fox’ being a widely-used nod to the titular character of the iconic Star Fox video game) have arrived at startlingly new sound. At the center of the action is the Principe crew, a squad of visual artists, musicians, promoters and managers who are helping focus the energy of the many young crews of producers and develop a unique aesthetic in the process.

Inspired by the sheer amount of incredible young artists in and around Lisbon and the attitude of classic, genre-defining grime compilations like Run The Road, this is an overview of a genre in its immediate, evolving form – a series of three 12″ compilations that represent the spectrum of talent shaping the sound of Lisbon and beyond.

The first volume features DJ Marfox and DJ Nigga Fox, the scene’s two breakout artists in 2014, alongside fresh-faced upstarts Blacksea Nao Maya, DJ Ly Co-Ox and DJ Nedwyt-Fox each pushing boundaries in their own ways.

CARGAA is a popular slang term on the streets of Lisbon, especially amongst the city’s thriving scene of young producers. It is used to describe their tracks (“hot”, “heavy”), it can be found on their track’s Soundcloud comments, mixes or even in track titles.


Vinyl tracklist:
A1. DJ Marfox – Take Off
A2. DJ Nedwyt Fox – Grandes Invejosos
B1. DJ Nigga Fox – LUMI
B2. Blacksea Não Maya – Afro
B3. DJ Ly-COox – Good Wine


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