“I Want You The Same” by Pixel Fix

Today sees Oxfordshire’s Pixel Fix unveil the video for their new single ‘I Want You The Same’.

Today’s unveiling of the video for the single continues in the vein of previous singles which have received equally stunning visual accompaniments. The new video follows a couple as they navigate their way through a dark, ominous forest – eventually discovering themselves, and perhaps finding out things about one another that they did not expect, or did not want to find out.

Speaking on the release of the new single the band have said “‘I Want You The Same’ has been with us for a while, and has taken many different forms over time. It started out as more of a minimal electronic vibe, But when Clem wrote the main guitar line, the song really just went from there. The meaning of the song lyrically is kind of self explanatory in the name. It’s a song about someone changing into a different person, into someone they’re not and not wanting that to happen.”

Entrancing electronic cuts merge seamlessly with high-reaching pop-inflected melodies, but never do the band stray away from their alternative roots. ‘I Want You The Same’ has the sound of a band who are intent on making both hugely likeable music, but music that is also there to test the listener, to ask something of them, to get a reaction – and with this new single, they’ve definitely achieved that.

Pixel Fix headline The Waiting Room, in London, Stoke Newington on December 7th. (SOLD OUT)
Pixel Fix headline The Barfly, in London, Camden on February 10th.