Wall of Death Stream “Loveland” Off New Album

Wall of Death Stream "Loveland" Off New Album

Today, Paris-based trio Wall of Death are proud to announce their sophomore album, Loveland, as well as share the titular first single from the LP. The album will be coming via Los Angeles label Innovative Leisure on January 29th.

On Loveland, the band said: “Loveland is a work of art or even architecture, a castle-slash-cathedral built on catacombs, caverns and secret passages, where the way in is also the way out. It is the sound of love, paradise and fantasy, somewhere all is about youth and hope.”

Psychedelic and dynamic, Loveland follows the band’s desolate and heavy 2012 debut, Main Obsessions, and sees the band realizing their full potential. With able and agile studio help from producer Hanni El Khatib, engineers Jonny Bell (also of Innovative Leisure’s Crystal Antlers) and Sonny DiPerri (Animal Collective, Portugal The Man), Wall of Death have created a dense and deeply individual album. Loveland is the definition of a slow-burn, with cinematic pace and limitless space and a Mellotron that’s practically another member of the band.

Wall of Death is made up of Gabriel Matringe, the guitarist and ex-cello player, and Brice Borredon, who grew up in the country in the south of France and who dedicated himself completely to the piano at age 6, and Adam Ghoubali, who taught himself drums after hearing the Doors. Check out the first single and title track below as well as full album details.

Wall of Death
(Innovative Leisure)

1. Loveland
2. For A Lover
3. Mother Tongue
4. How Many Kinds
5. Blow The Clouds
6. Dreamland
7. All Mighty
8. Little Joe
9. Chainless Man
10. Memory Pt. 1 & Pt. 2