VUVUVULTURES release video for ‘Song Bot’

VUVUVULTURES release decadent video for 'Song Bot,' the Vuvuvultures returned with their release their first of 4 x 7” AA side singles for 2014


On April 19th the Vuvuvultures returned with their blend of atmospheric jagged pop-noir to release their first of 4 x 7” AA side singles for 2014.  ‘I’ will consist of ‘Arty Party’ and ‘Song Bot’; this will be followed by ‘II’, ‘III’ and ‘IV’ throughout the year with the final release ‘V’ being a 12” anthology with 2 exclusive tracks.

Their darkly twisted pop is menacing and sultry; it brims with a brooding intensity that is marking them as formidable live draw. Their shows are frequently packed out with a fevered energy which feeds off of the compelling presence of front woman Harmony Boucher, the scythe like guitars of Paul Ressel and the taut and unfaltering rhythm section of Nicole Bettencourt Coelho and Matt Christensen. 




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