Vitalic Releases New Album ‘Rave Age’

Techno maverick, Vitalic, will release Rave Age November 6th on [PIAS] America. The French producer’s third album takes the laser-guided disco for which he’s known to an altogether wilder but no less euphoric place.  This is a savage and carefree statement from a dancefloor visionary who’s spent the last decade redefining electronic music in his own particular fashion and has decided, as only he can, to keep things simple.

Mixed by Stephane Alf Briat, known for his work with Air and Phoenix, Rave Age is a  an album that showcases not just a passion for big room, electro smashers and electronica, but a broad set of influences that stretch from punk and film soundtracks to disco and indie dance. You can see the video for the first single “Stamina” HERE on YouTube.

Rave Age Tracklisting:
1 – Rave Kids Go
2 – Stamina
3 – Fade Away
4 – Vigipirate
5 – Under Your Sun
6 – No More Sleep
7 – Nexus
8 – The March of Skabah
9 – Lucky Star
10 – La Mort Sur Le Dancefloor
11 – Next I’m Ready
12 – The Legend of Kaspar Hauser