Vince Staples releases new short film

Vince Staples shares short film 'Prima Donna', directed by directed by Nabil

Today, Vince Staples premiered his brand-new short film, Prima Donna. Directed by award-winning director Nabil (Kanye West, Frank Ocean, FKA Twigs). The short follows the release of Vince Staples latest EP, also entitled Prima Donna, last week on Blacksmith/ARTium/Def Jam Recordings.

Starring Vince Stapes, the film is a surreal fantasia that follows Vince on a dream-like journey through his own music. Weaving music from the Prima Donna EP in and out of the narrative, the short kicks off as Vince exits a music video shoot only to get picked up by a sketchy, sinister cabbie. Vince is soon dropped off at a shabby, nightmarish hotel, filled with surreal bellhops, Shining references, and glimpses of glimpses of stars like Tupac and Amy Winehouse. Exploring themes touched upon on in his latest EP, the Prima Donna short film is the perfect companion piece to Vince’s latest companion piece to Vince’s new music.