“Venice” Magdalena Bay

Magdalena Bay, the Miami-raised, Los Angeles based electronica/pop duo, has dropped recently released their new single “Venice” via Luminelle Recordings. Singer/songwriter Mica Tenenbaum and producer/songwriter Matthew Lewin — sings, “Oh when the sun is falling to the sea, Come on, it’s all about you and me. Keep it together while the deserts freeze, Come on, we’re dancin’ till eternity.” “Venice” follows Magdalena Bay’s previously released single “Neon.”

“The song’s kind of our way of coping with the ever-increasing ways that the world may end,” explains Mica and Matthew. “It definitely takes a hedonistic approach and says we might as well live in the moment with the people we love until the end comes.”

Under the influence of Carly Rae Jepsen, Charli XCX, and Art Angels from Grimes, Magdalena Bay, who’ve been making music together since high school, picked up a thread from their early prog band roots a la the “the eighties key changes” and developed a handcrafted sound and vision. Matt produced everything himself, while Mica took over the visuals, editing and directing.

“To us, Magdalena Bay is all about crafting great songs and creating a visual world around them,” the duo shares. “We want to make a world that pulls people in and makes them want to stay forever.”