Unsound Festival Announces More artists

Unsound Festival Announces More artists including EVIAN CHRIST and many more, the festival takes place October 12th - the 19th in Krakow, Poland

Unsound has released the latest names for the 2014 festival in Kraków, rounding out the program. This coincides with individual tickets to all shows going on sale at midday today Krakow time.  Audiences can find a basic schedule for the festival here along with ticket links while the detailed 2014 website schedule will be launched next week.

NURSE WITH WOUND is the very definition of surrealist music, displacing the ordinary to extraordinary settings. Their live shows are presented with footage emphasising further the dream-like nature of their work. They perform at Unsound 2014 on a line up with “Double Vision”, a commissioned work by Robin Fox and Atom™.

Also uniquely British is CYCLOBE, formed by Stephen Thrower and Ossian Brown, who met through their musical association with Coil. They perform live as a 5-piece band, creating hallucinatory soundscapes filled with both electronic and acoustic instruments, accompanied with a series of short films. Cyclobe’s Unsound show marks only their fifth live performance ever.

LICHENS couples analogue modular systems with voice to craft improvised shows designed to create a trancelike state. LORENZO SENNI’s take on trance is altogether different, striving to collapse the idea of “buildup” found in euphoric dance music. Norwegian STIAN WESTERHUS wields the electric guitar in unconventional ways, using noise, electronics and low end throbs to create yet another kind of immersive piece.

Poland’s ALAMEDA 4 is an improvisational ensemble playing militant grooves contrasted with amorphous space sound experiments and jazz/rock structures. Gdańsk percussion collective REMONT POMP joins forces withMIKOŁAJ TRZASKA IRCHA CLARINET QUARTET, featuring Mikołaj Trzaska, Paweł Szamburski, Wacław Zimpel and Michał Górczyński.

Electronic musician PIOTR KUREK performs twice at the festival, once solo with the absurdist short film “Rondo” (1958) by Polish director Janusz Majewski, and a second time with his new club-oriented project HEROINY.

Heading further into club music, EVIAN CHRIST debuts a new live show in a few locations this autumn, including Unsound Krakow; it involves sound, light, projections and a specially constructed set. VLADISLAV DELAY performs rarely these days, but will bring his RIPATTI project to Unsound, a unique mix of odd time signatures, pop/club influences and vocals. LEE GAMBLE will also straddle the ground between experimental and club music, appearing at the festival in the wake of a new LP and EP on PAN Records. Ukraine’s STANISLAV TOLKACHEV is perhaps less known, but just as singular in sound and vision, and will perform a raw analogue set.

The scene surrounding the PC Music label is perhaps the most divisive of 2014, with critics and audiences either loving or baffled by the clash of experimental rhythms, club sounds and cute pop music. Unsound will present SOPHIE and FELICITA at the festival, pitching them in the line up against the dark techno of PERC and RROSE.

Coming from a different side of the UK club scene is LOGOS, a key figure in the new grime resurgence. He joins Mumdance and Pinch for a b2b set following Mumdance’s solo show featyring Novelist. German LENA WILLIKENS created a storm with her Resident Advisor mix earlier this year and will also DJ, no doubt covering a huge range of styles in a rough and twisted set.

More artists from the Polish electronic music scene prove further its robust health. This includes the “demon techno” of KUCHARCZYK; Wilhelm Bras’s new dance-oriented project LAUTBILD; the experimental hip-hop of ROBERT PIERNIKOWSKI; and the “drum n’ bass” alter ego of LXMP called 67,5 MINUT PROJEKT, entirely improvised and played “by hand”; MIRT appears wiith TER, following up on their small Unsound 2013 show in Klub Re with a higher profile gig in Klub Forum.

The opening and closing of the festival has also been laid out, bookended with two very different shows. Opening is CHRIS ABRAHAMS, pianist from THE NECKS, who will present meditative music in his rendition of the 1948 JOHN CAGE piece “Dream”. Closing is CALL SUPER – soon to release an LP on Houndstooth – and OBJEKT – they perform a 5-hour DJ set as EVERYTHING IS TRUE (EiT).

This last set from EiT will be part of several free events at Unsound 2014, including the opening and closing party and a day program yet to be completely announced, with free concerts, panels and installations.


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