Universal Sex Arena stream new album Abdita

Universal Sex Arena stream forthcoming release 'Abdita'
Universal Sex Arena

Universal Sex Arena are streaming their new album on Northern Transmissions. The Italian experimental rock outfit’s new album Abdita, comes out March 30th via Kowloon Records. The full-length was recorded and produced by Maurizio Baggio (The Soft Moon, Merchandise, EMA)

Universal Sex Arena frontman Voiture Tempo on Abdita:

“The album Abdita centers around a journey to the south. A journey without any geographically precise destination; just to that archetypical idea of ​​The South. Meeting new people, landscapes, and music along the way, the adventure is at times welcoming, sometimes dangerous, and always mysterious. Directing you down the road to The South, the destination melts away the coldness of human relations. The South slows down time, work takes on a more humane pace, and asserts the simple contemplation of love, nature, time, and the rhythm of life.”

Universal Sex Arena’s live performance is both physical and urgent, singer Voiture Tempo comments “during the concerts, we have to exchange our energy with other people present: at our disposal there are our music and our bodies. Every show of ours represents something that may not be repeated. The shows are muscular, positive, intense: often not predictable”