Uni guest on ‘Records In My Life’

We had a hilarious time with UNI when we interviewed them down in Boise, Idaho during Treefort Music Fest. Kemp, Nico, and David managed to tell us a few albums between constantly cracking jokes and describing the circuitous path one must take to find their new releases! Most fun we’ve had on an interview in a long time!

UNI on Records In My Life references the following records:

UNI – DDT / Mushroom Cloud
Jack White – Boarding House reach
The Black Angels – The Death Song
Black Sabbath – Sabotage
Seal – Seal
The Beatles – Abbey Road
James Brown – Sho Is Funky Down Here
Gandalf – Gandalf
J.K. & Co – Suddenly One Summer
Big Thief – Masterpiece
The Olivia Tremor Control – Black Foliage
Richard Swift – The Atlantic Ocean

UNI on RIML is hosted and produced by Charles Brownstein
Co-produced by Jordan Acomba
Videography and editing by M R Henning
RIML animation created by Rob Edmonds and Dave savard
RIML intro theme music by Combine the Victorious

UNi on RIML ©2018 Records In My Life


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