“u turn me on (but u give me depression)” LØLØ

Toronto via LA artist LØLØ recently shared video/single “u turn me on (but u give me depression)” via Hopeless Records.
LØLØ shares this about the new single: “I wish I fell in love with an axe murderer – yeah, maybe I’d be dead already. But at least it would be a quick, easy, painless death. Instead, I fell in love with a 6 foot 2, walking-talking pile of toxicity. So instead of being dead, I live in a constant state of purgatory – flip flopping from happiness to sadness. I love him, I hate him. He turns me on. He gives me depression. But most importantly, he helps me write the best songs.”

The track follows previous single “debbie downer” with Maggie Lindemann. LØLØ expertly turned the infamous 2000 movie Bring It On’s cheer chant “It’s cold in here” into an intoxicating and undeniable hook in a song that’s all about being the odd girl out. The track was accompanied by a charming music video (dir. Jake Johnston) that portrays LØLØ and Maggie as high school outcasts who team up to unite the school’s “untouchables”.

In the early spring, LØLØ followed up “debbie downer” with her single “junkie,” an ode to a toxic love affair. Sonically addictive with a newfound, heart-wrenching maturity, “junkie” is a pop-punk hymn for anyone worshiping at the altar of unrequited love.

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