Ty Segall “What’s Inside Your Heart” Live

Ty Segall Band Premiere Live Version of "What’s Inside Your Heart" Announces New Live album

Castleface Records 5th entry into the Live In San Francisco series, Ty Segall Band

By now you should know what you’re in for here – an eardrum toasting take to tape of the mighty Ty Segall Band, captured during two nights in San Francisco at the barely-pushing-medium sized venue The Rickshaw Stop. Rowdy crowd, meet stacks of amplifiers – Ty, Charlie, Mikal and Emily came to singe your ears off. There have been live recordings of Ty before of course, but never so crisply and fully realized as this scorching platter of fuzz.

As always – featuring beautiful black and white photos shot to film at the venue by our favorite lensman Brian Pritchard As always, the tape takes are tweaked and saturated to perfection by our incredible crack team of engineers and knob-goblins Featuring jams from throughout Mr. Segall’s torrential output of the past few years, including a take of his first single “Feel” off his great new record Manipulator…it’s the next best thing to getting in to the show, which is getting harder and harder with Ty these days…

Out on Castle Face Records January 26th


01. Wave Goodbye
02. Slaughterhouse
03. Death
04. I Bought My Eyes
05. Feel
06. The Hill
07. Thank God For The Sinners
08. Skin
09. Standing At The Station
10. What’s Inside Your Heart

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