Ty Segall Band – Slaughterhouse

Artist: Ty Segall Band
Album: Slaughterhouse
Label: In The Red
Rating: 8.5

The lastest iteration of Ty Segall brings us an eclectic noise rock album, very intense from start to finish.’Noise’ is the key word too, every last note is laden with reverb, distortion and fuzz – especially “Fuzz War.”

As intense as the album gets, there’s still a sense of humor and fun to the album. Tracks like “Didd Wah Daddy” and “Fuzz War” give up on any traditional structure and turns into a competition for the band members to see how fast and hard they can go and it is fantastic.Lyrically, it’s a pretty simple album, with some relatively catchy vocal hooks, but they’d be easier to enjoy, or understand, if you could make out most of the vocals. What else would you want? They would just get in the way of the guitar solos and pounding drums. It’s less of an album to sing along to in the car and more of one that you dent your steering wheel air drumming to.“I Bought My Eyes”, which is the lightest track by far. A far more melodic performance by the Segall and extended riffs from the guitarist, they show of their musical talents a lot more and the song has a more traditional structure that just kind of fades out. But that is totally balanced by “That’s The Bag I’m In” that has an almost ‘happy go lucky’ and catchy riff that opens for a song full of throat bleedingly awesome screaming.

There are some Death from Above 1979 influences, and the album moves between the almost painful rock and the bouncy Ramones-esque punk rock and just about all the spectrum between. Mostly though, it’s an unabashed noise rock odyssey that gives you a solid reason to blow out some speakers and ear drums.

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