Ty Segall Announces Love Rudiments Album

Ty Segall is back with Love Rudiments, an instrumental album, which is scheduled to drop on August 30 via Drag City
Ty Segall is back with Love Rudiments, an instrumental album, which is scheduled to drop on August 30 via Drag City

Ty Segall is back with Love Rudiments, an instrumental album, which is scheduled to drop on August 30 via Drag City. The LP follows the multi-artist’s double album Three Bells, which arrived earlier this year. Along today’s announcement, Ty reveals a new single with a visualizer: “The Dance (Edit)”.

Love Rudiments is a meditation by Ty Segall on his first love: the drums. Known popularly as a singing guitar player, Ty generally starts the recording of his songs by laying down a drum track. Love Rudiments kicks off with drums and percussion, then adds a few other percussive and production aspects. It travels a great journey in this configuration — far past the notion of being some kind of solo drums album — with vibes (figurative as well as literal), feels, a theme and a through-line. With no words or singing of any kind, Ty’s made a record that rides the wild surf of a waxing-then-waning love affair — from the first blinding look, to the eventual recognition — that looks back at love’s rudiments, viewed from beyond and outside that seemingly infinite sensation. And why not? Drums are a melodic instrument too. Ty plays them with precision and sensitivity, delving deep into the textures of timpani, vibraphone, xylophone, percussion and e-drums, all of them occupying space within the luxe stereo spread of the drumkit. In the process, a psychological space is opened: a private emotional location where only two can meet.

Today’s single, “The Dance (Edit)”, is an excerpt from one of four song cycles that comprise Love Rudiments. The song manifests a range of moods found in the couple’s first dance — attraction, anxiety, arousal, and convergence — expressed on the kit, vibraphone, tambourine, wood blocks and electronic drum pads by Ty. The track sits smack dab in the middle of the percolating “Getting Ready” and the fervor of “First Touch”, each forming musical evocations of these intuitive, emotional moments of life.

Ty Segall
Love Rudiments
Track List
Drag City

1. First Look / First Conversation / Walk Home Pt. 1
2. Getting Ready / Arrival / The Dance / Walk Home Pt. II / First Touch
3. Honeymoon / Life / Confrontation / Argument / Separation / Realization
4. Love Rudiments

Ty Segall 2024 + 2025 North American Tour Dates

7/27/24 – Carnation, WA @ Timber! Outdoor Music Festival
7/28/24 – Portland, OR @ Star Theater
8/3/24 – San Pedro, CA @ Brouwerij West (at Genuine Souvenirs)
9/5/24–9/7/24 – Raleigh, NC @ Hopscotch Music Festival
10/24/24 – Los Angeles, CA @ Bob Baker Marionette Theater *
10/25/24 – Los Angeles, CA @ Barnsdall Gallery *
2/20/25 – San Diego, CA @ Lou Lou’s @ Lafayette Hotel *
2/21/25 – Ojai, CA @ Ojai Valley Woman’s Club *
2/22/25 – Petaluma, CA @ Mystic Theatre *
2/23/25 – San Francisco, CA @ Herbst Theater *
2/26/25 – Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw Theatre *
2/28/25 – Bend, OR @ Volcanic Theatre Pub *
3/2/25 – Sacramento, CA @ The Sofia *
4/6/25 – Austin, TX @ Parish *
4/7/25 – Fort Worth, TX @ Tulips *
4/8/25 – Oklahoma City, OK @ Tower Theatre *
4/10/25 – Nashville, TN @ The Basement East *
4/14/25 – Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club *
4/15/25 – Philadelphia, PA @ Ukie Club *
4/17/25 – Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg *
4/19/25 – Providence, RI @ Fete Ballroom *
4/21/25 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Smalls Theatre *
4/22/25 – Cleveland, OH @ Beachland Ballroom *
4/23/25 – Chicago, IL @ Thalia Hall *
4/25/25 – Minneapolis, MN @ Parkway Theater *
4/26/25 – Omaha, NE @ Scottish Rite *
4/27/25 – Englewood, CO @ Gothic Theatre *
4/29/25 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Metro Music Hall *
4/30/25 – Boise, ID @ Shrine Social Club *

*solo acoustic guitar

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