Twin Bandit debut single “Gotta Make Sure”

Twin Bandit debut new single "Gotta Make Sure".

While working on their second full length album Full Circle, Twin Bandit  grew personally and creatively. Throughout that experience, the Vancouver duo, comprised of Hannah Walker and Jamie Elliot progressed as songwriters and musicians,  expanding their sonic palette of folk, alternative, and country and opening up lyrically. Today, the band is sharing the album’s new single “Gotta Make Sure”, which is now available to stream.

“The concept of a full circle spoke to us,” admits Hannah. “When we started writing, Jamie and I were in not in very good places. Jamie was dealing with mental health issues. I was struggling with depression and the loss of family members and friends. There were a lot of funeral s at the time. We sat down and made a decision to write music that’s positive and encouraging. When you focus on practicing positivity and gratitude, it can really change your outlook. Even though we began in a tough place, it was an exciting and beautiful experience. Everything came back around. We acknowledge that it will be difficult again down the road, but there’s always another day to keep trying.”

In order to assemble what would become the follow up to 2015’s For You the girls made a series of writing trips and, for the first time, invited other writers into their creative ecosystem. In Nashville, they co-wrote with Neil Mason.

“We wrote every song on our first album in the same house together,” explains Hannah. “This was quite a different process, but it was really inspiring.” “It was very different,” agrees Jamie. “On the first record, I was writing a lot of love songs. Not to discredit love songs, but we were in another headspace altogether. The lyrics on Full Circle address subjects like dealing with your own issues, growing, and maturing.”

The second single “Gotta Make Sure” sees their voices entwine in a heavenly harmony over folk guitars. Hannah goes on, “It’s a song about making sure to give thanks for everything you have and reaching out to your loved ones to let them know you care, It’s a reminder that other people are going through hard times as well, and we all need to pull together and support one another.”