Tuvaband debut new single

Tuvaband debut new single "Mess"

Tuvaband is a Norwegian/English duo made of Tuva Hellum Marschhaüser and Simon Would. Their sound is described as a melancholic dream world lo-fi folk aesthetics influenced by Bon Iver, With comparisons to the likes of Laura Marling and The Staves. Their new single “Mess” is a poetic song gently balancing piano and acoustic guitar with Tuva’s voice. The effect is an immersive listening experience that invokes imagery of a bird guarding an empty nest from predators. The duo’s debut EP is due out on November 1st via Brilliance Records.

Tuvaband on the EP:

“We recorded and produced the EP in each of our flats. After recording, we got help from Jonas Kjølstad of At The Loft Records to create the sound to be a mix between our first demos, Lisa Cranner’s music, and Bon Iver’s first album.” Overall, the EP feels like a beckoning call to return to nature, which also means disconnecting from the electronics that rule our lives. The lyrics are sophisticated and artistic, gracefully narrating stories like a choir of birds in a tranquil forest.

Tuvaband play in London for the first time, at Rough Trade Store in Shoreditch (27/10) and then at Mirrors Festival in Hackney (28/10).”