Turn To Crime Shares “Without A Care”

Turn To Crime Shares "Without A Care" From their forthcoming full-length album 'Actions' Out April 28th

Turn To Crime’s new album, Actions, comes out April 28th on frontman Derek Stanton’s own Mugg & Bopp label. The latest track, the band has shared, “Without A Care,” is the sugary, pulsating follow-up to earlier singles, “Prince of Slackers” and “Light.” Recorded over the last year in his basement studio in Detroit’s Southwest, Molten Sound, Actions is a continuation of 2014’s debut Can’t Love. Akin to the more “out-there” eras of a Bowie and Lou Reed, or perhaps a less “out-there” Gary Wilson, Actions takes the raw materials of a pop tune (repetition and hooks) and atomizes them. Odd guitar tunings bump up against minimal electronics while warm harmonies ricochet in caverns of tape decay.

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