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Trust new single and tour

Trust’s darkly alluring strain of pop is on full display on “Heaven,” taken from debut album TRST. Icy oscillating synths charged full of nightly dissonance are bulked out with a lethargic hi-hat heavy bounce. The Petra Collins-directed video focuses on the emotive side of the track, the feeling of isolation, as it cross cuts between Robert Alfons walking down the street in a dreamlike trance and various scenarios – in a dark club, trapped behind a glass wall, falling from a bridge, the rapidly altering scenes furthering the feeling of loneliness and Alfons’ self-imprisonment.

The single will be released digitally January 21st.

Having played with the likes of DFA 1979, Crystal Castles, The Faint and Glass Candy, to
name a few, Trust now returns with a string of live shows in the UK and Europe.

‘Heaven’ Tracklist:


Heaven (Cloudland Mix)

Sulk (Sir Stephen Hips Mix)



4 – Queerbeat Festival, Vienna, Austria

5 – Queerbeat Festival, Munich, Germany

9 – Spot, Poznan, Polant

10 – 1500m2, Warsaw Poland

11 – Salon, Istanbul, Turkey

15 – Berghain, Berlin, Germany

16 – Uebel & Gefahlich, Hamburg, Germany

18 – Romandie, Lausanne,

19 – Palace, St Gallen,

21 – Le Sonic, Lyon, France

22 – Le Point Ephemere, Paris, France

23 – I-Boat, Bordeaux, France

24 – Pole Etudiant, Nantes, France

25 – L’Ubu, Rennes, France

26 – La Peniche, Lille, France

31 – Electrowerkz, London, UK


1 – Broadcast, Glasgow, UK

2 – Brudenell, Leeds, UK

4 – AB, Brussels, Belgium

6 – Trouw, Amsterdam, Holland

7 – Spillestedet Stengade, Copenhagen, Denmark

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