Trentemøller releases video for “Redefine”

Trentemøller releases new video for "Redefine"

Trentemøller has released a video for the track “Redefine”, off his new album Fixion, features Marie Fisker on vocals.

Marie Fisker, a mainstay of the Trentemøller live constellation, has also been a long-time studio collaborator of Anders and her four songs on Fixion mark their third musical partnership.

“Marie has such a powerful and unique voice that ts my music quite naturally. I had her in mind as soon as I started writing. She ended up singing on four of the songs so she’s definitely the voice that kind of leads you through the album. Having toured so extensively with Marie, we’ve come to understand each other’s capacities and that really pushes us to challenge and inspire each other. I reckon that’s the driving force behind our songwriting.”

Fellow-Dane Thomas Bertelsen aka TOM And His Computer contributes a remix that underlines the song‘s dark tones and moves it into the fields of Electronica.

“Redefine” also comes with a new video by Åsa Riton and Andreas Emenius who are directing the music videos as well as creating tour
visuals and art installations that will be shown in galleries in Copenhagen, New York and Paris. The result will be a total media experience that touches on physical locations, online platforms and video installations.

“Shot in Copenhagen the video captures a random meeting between a boy and a girl,” says Emenius, “set in an uncanny supermarket amongst washing powder, peanut butter and Dolphin cereals. A destructive love story between a girl and her prey, involving a text message gone wrong, naked shoppers, eggs and money rain.”


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