“Trap Phone” BERWYN

"Trap Phone" by BERWYN is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day
"Trap Phone" by BERWYN

BERWYN, is the Trinidad-born singer, rapper, songwriter and producer raised outside of London. He recently released his new single entitled “Trap Phone.” “TRAP PHONE” is a love song. Like his debut single “GLORY,” it was written and recorded during a prolific two week period on the eve of a planned move back to Trinidad to forget about the troubles of last few years. Holing himself up in a single-room-occupancy hotel in Romford, a town outside of London, the self-taught multi-instrumentalist recorded day and night on an old laptop and set of broken headphones, and what started out as a last roll of the dice would eventually produce BERWYN’s forthcoming debut mixtape.

Prior to the release of his debut single, BERWYN collaborated with Richard Russell on the latest Everything Is Recorded album FRIDAY FOREVER, featuring on four tracks and described by Pitchfork as “the record’s breakout star.” He’s since appeared alongside Headie One and Fred again.. on their GANG mixtape, adding his vocals, song writing and remixing talents to the tape’s title track.


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