“Toz” Jakuzi

Turkish synth/Post-Punk band Jakuzi will release their new album Hata Payı on April 5th via City Slang (Jessica Pratt, Caribou, Sinkane). “The album explores the human condition: what it’s like to be a young adult growing up in Istanbul, being an artist in a country that doesn’t necessarily support your work, managing personal relationships and addressing mental health.” Ahead of the album’s release the band have shared a new video for “Toz,” the track is a nice sample size of their timeless synth/post-punk sound.

Hata Payı
City Slang

1.Sana Göre Bir Şey Yok
4.Gördüğüm Rüya
5.Kalbim Köprü Gibi
6.Hâlâ Berbat
7.Kendine Rağmen
10.Bir Şey Olur
11. Ne Teselli Ne Avuntu

Despite all the positivity that came with this, it came not without issues. The reality for a band in Turkey is challenging, both from an economical and personal perspective. Singing in Turkish for Jakuzi vocalist Kutay Soyocak is important to express himself, but it also means that the opportunities are limited. There are no playlists in for Turkish DIY dream pop dark wave bands, their songs will not be played on the traditional radio shows and there’s no mass market for attending punk shows. Jakuzi will always end up as the outcasts in the corner, even if your plays stack up to over two million. Paving your own path is hard, and not always rewarding.