“Total Meltdown” by DZ Deathrays

DZ Deathrays, recently announced their new album, Bloody Lovely, along with the release of their newest single “Total Meltdown”. Bloody Lovely, comes out February 2nd, via IOHYOU.

To couple with the release of ‘Total Meltdown’, the band collaborated with director Guss Mallmann to create an innovative Instagram Story quiz in which viewers must try to guess the lyrics of the song. Littering their signature thrash-party attitude all over “Total Meltdown”, DZ Deathrays (Shane Parsons on vocals/guitar and Simon Ridley on drums) have produced a song that is rambunctious, loud and undeniably fun. Seeing its first glimmer of light as a riff during pre-production for standalone single “Blood On My Leather” in early 2016, the idea kept popping up according to Parsons:

Shane Parsons on “Total Meltdown”:

“It took about 6 attempts at a chorus until we came up with what it is now, which is why the lyrics in the chorus have nothing to do with those in the verse. It’s a little disjointed lyrically but it’s become a big anthem of the new record and a favourite of ours!”

With Parsons in Sydney and Ridley in Brisbane, Bloody Lovely came together in bits and pieces last year while the duo toured the US, UK, Europe and locally with festival sets and a tour with label mates Violent Soho. The album was recorded at the beginning of this year again with Burke Reid at The Grove Studios where the duo’s last album
Black Rat was born.