Tors release new video for ” Now We Fall”

Tors release new video for "Now We Fall" off their forthcoming release "Merry Go Round".

After a busy 2016, UK band Tors, are poised to returning with their EP Merry Go Round. Fronted by Matt and Theo Weedon, grandsons of the legendary guitarist Bert Weedon OBE. Today, the band today are premiering the video for album track “We All Fall”. The EP will be released via the band’s own Wilder Days Recordings

The EP aims to bring together the sound that they have developing over the last 12 months into one elegantly curated five-track release. Featuring their harmony-rich singles ‘Now We Fall’ and ‘Hold Me’ and the title track ‘Merry Go Round’, Tors demonstrate a strong and undeniably diverse repertoire of new material, as they plan to play at London’s St Pancras Church on April 28th, following on from their last show in London.

Quote from the band:

“Now We Fall” is about the weird space that exists between knowing a relationship is done and actually admitting it. That tired kind of running on the spot you both end up doing, just hoping the other might finally say something.