Toronto’s Slim Twig Returns With LP

Toronto’s Slim Twig Returns With Psych Influenced LP For Paper Bag Records

Sof’ Sike To Be Released on CD, LP, & DL August 21

Paper Bag Records announces details of the new album from the ever-morphing Slim Twig which will be released in North America on CD, LP and DL on August 21st. Sof’ Sike is a dramatic left (er, make that a right) turn follow-up to 2009’s Contempt! and replaces analog drum machines and scratched record samples with the psychedelic rumblings of live instrumentation: pianos, organs, guitar, bass, drums. Watch the video and download Sof’ Sike’s ‘Priscilla’ below. Tour dates will be announced soon.

“Sof’ Sike” Tracklist

1. The Shortest Path To Hell
2. Still The Same
3. LaBeija Pen’Davis
4. Gun Shy
5. Madeline Has A Body
6. Marzipan Sands
7. The Golden Rule
8. Priscilla (MP3)
9. I’ll Always Be A Child
10. Vile City
11. Altered Ego
12. Bold Is The White Ship
13. Love You As I Lay

Watch The Video For “Priscilla” Here!

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