TOPS share new single “Dayglow Bimbo”

TOPS share new single "Dayglow Bimbo," the track is off their forthcoming release 'Sugar At The Gate', out June 2 on Arbutus.

Following the announcement of their new album Sugar At The Gate, due for release June 2 via Arbutus Records. Montreal based band TOPS are sharing their latest single “Dayglow Bimbo.” Sugar At The Gate is TOP’S third Full-length.

Speaking about how the song was created and it’s effect on her, lead singer Jane Penny says, “When David came up with the guitar part for ‘Dayglow Bimbo’ the song came together almost immediately. It brought me back to being a young girl in Edmonton, how independent I felt at that time but also the struggle that I went through when I was confronted by my own sexuality and myself as a sexual object. There are some dark aspects to the song but I hope that it’s ultimately liberating.”

To record the album the band headed out to LA where they lived and recorded at ‘Glamdale’ – a mini-mansion and former brothel located in the Jewel City, Glendale, CA. The unassuming record unfolds slowly, taking time to reveal itself. Like nearly everything TOPS does, multiple meanings overlap with the album’s title referring to orgasm, but also to carrot chasing, gatekeeping, and the social contract.

Jane Penny and David Carriere (guitarist-songwriter) contributed to the album’s lyrics as much separately as together. Both their perspectives are heartfelt, with Penny’s sometimes cryptic lyrics betraying something of her unconscious.

Layers of sarcasm and sincerity seem to enfold the group like flower petals. Irrepressible jokers in conversation, their album’s vinyl download codes come folded up inside drug baggies. TOPS’ flawless musicianship and profound grasp of pop fundamentals are the surest sign that at the core, it’s all as real as it sounds.

All of TOPS recordings have been produced by the band, who have self recorded the majority of their work to date. Riley Fleck’s distinct and controlled drumming style is key to the arrangements on Sugar At The Gate. A sensitivity in his playing and strong sense of discretion is a distinguishing feature of TOPS’ sound.

In June TOPS will perform at a string of ten European shows, starting on June 2nd in Bristol and wrapping up on June 12th in Krakow.