“Time” Johari Noelle

Johari Noelle has released a new standalone single/video, entitled “Time.” Written and recorded entirely in quarantine, each musician involved wrote and recorded their parts separately before sending their respective part along to the next person who would then layer their own part on top of it. Originally, “Time” was centered around creative challenges in light of COVID, but in reaction to George Floyd’s murder and the global conversation regarding police brutality and systematic racism, the track immediately evolved. In a touching and evocative tribute, names of those lost to police brutality are listed throughout the video as it plays.

“‘Time’ was originally a challenge by a group of Chicago-based musicians to collaborate under social distancing restrictions in the world of the COVID-19 pandemic,” says composer and producer Jeoffrey Arrington. “During the course of its creation, widespread conversations surrounding systemic racism and racist police brutality evolved the project to further address the turbulent times during which it was birthed. Ultimately, it is a time-capsule piece, and conveys despair, hope, resilience and sense of resolve.”

“‘Time’ is very special to my heart,” says Noelle. “When I initially wrote it, it held a different meaning. It was so simple, so open and different from what I’ve done before. When Joeffrey heard it, he loved it instantly and brought in some talented musicians that gave the song so much more. Over the series of events through the pandemic, the song began to build a new meaning, and stronger intention. My intention with this song is to inspire, to touch & heal hurting people, to remind them that there is hope and promise through these tough times. I believe we are strong and we will make it through.”

“Time” is Noelle’s first piece of new music since her debut EP, Things You Can’t Say Out Loud, released last year. Chicago raised singer cut her teeth performing in choirs and musical theatre during her formative years. In 2015, Noelle joined the cast of BET docu-series Chasing Destiny, which found Noelle being mentored by singer Kelly Rowland (of Destiny’sChild) and choreographer Frank Gatson Jr.


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