Tim Gane remixes “I’m Still Believing” by TOY

Tim Gane of Stereolab remixes "I'm Still Believing" by TOY, under new outfit Cavern of Anti-Matter
Photo by Steve Gullick

TOY have shared a new version of the single “I’m Still Believing”, remixed by Tim Gane of Stereolab’s new outfit Cavern of Anti-Matter.

On this, the band state:

We really liked the COA-M remix when we heard it and thought it sounded a bit like Electronic. The second half builds in a really great way with the parts subtly taking over from one another; something with always loved in Tim’s music.

Tim Gane added: “When I got the offer of a new TOY song to remix I immediately chose the track ‘I’m Still Believing’. It’s a great pop song and I really love the vocals. I wanted to keep the feel and flow of the song, the catchy melody and synth hook, but I also wanted to change the density and texture of the track; extend it beyond its 3-minute length and take it to some unknown places. Maybe I was expected to do a krautrock-y kind of mix, but it would have been silly to force that on a wonderful slice of British pop.”

The track itself is taken from TOY’s recently announced album Clear Shot, due for release on Friday 28th October 2016 on Heavenly Recordings.

Splitting their time between Tom Dougall and bassist Maxim Barron’s place in New Cross and Dominic O’Dair’s flat in Walthamstow, where they set up a makeshift studio and laid down the early album demos, their new album Clear Shot began to take shape in the first half of 2015 at Eve Studios in Stockport with producer David Wrench.

TOY previously released their self-titled debut in 2012 and cemented their reputation as the best alternative rock band in the country with Join the Dots at the end of 2013. Such was the reception to Join The Dots that TOY toured their second record for nigh-on two years, culminating in their biggest London show yet at Shepherd’s Bush Empire in April 2014.

TOY are: Tom Dougall (vocals / guitar), Dominic O’Dair (guitars), Maxim Barron (bass / vocals), Max Claps (synths / modulations) & Charlie Salvidge (drums / vocals).

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